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Canadian national project

Canada has developed a multi-function ground source heat pump with simultaneous radiant floor space heating and DHW heating in winter operation and air cooling and DHW production in summer operation. Therefore, a test rig was built and instrumented, and the first prototype heat pump was tested. The system layout of the prototype heat pump is shown in the figure below. The heat decoupling of the heating system is of direct condensation type.
Because the American standard ANSI/ASHRAE 137-1995 only covers air-to-air heat pumps with desuperheater, it was extended to the conditions of indirect vertical-type ground source heat pumps operating in the Canadian climate. Both proposals for a test procedure and a calculation method based on this standard were proposed.

Fig. 1: System layout of the Canadian simultaneous brine-to-refrigerant ground source heat pump with desuperheater for radiant floor space heating/DHW production and air cooling/DHW heating


Canadian national team IEA HPP Annex28
National Team Leader:  
Hydra Quebec Hydro-Quebec
Institute de recherche Laboratoire des technologies de l`eneregie
Vasile Minea, ing., Ph.D.
Chercheur - Utilisation de l`energie
600, avenue de la Montagne
Shawingian G9N 7N5

Phone: (819) 539-1400
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EESC/SCES Earth Energy Society of Canada
Suite 504, 124 O'Connor, Ottawa, K1P 5M9, Canada
Phone: (613) 371-3372 (371-EESC)
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GeoExchange Canadian GeoExchage Coalition
Members: BC Hydro; Hydro-Quebec; Manitoba Hydro; Milton Hydro; SaskPower and Yukon Energy Corporation
Partners: Earth Energy Society; Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium ; Natural Resources Canada
Geoexchange Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium
The Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium (GHPC) is a partner and counterpart to the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, in the United States. Based in Washington DC, the GHPC has as its mission implementing the National Earth Comfort Program. The Earth Comfort Program is a collaborative effort between the US Department of Energy, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and private sector organizations interested in promoting the growth of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology.
As a cooperative venture, the Consortium counts among its members electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors, builders, energy service companies, and other private sector companies that operate in the Geoexchange market. In addition, GHPC members include many national organizations such as the Edison Electric Institute, Electric Power Research Institute, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and the Association of Energy Engineers.

CANETA Research Inc.
7145 West Credit Ave., Suite 102, Building 2
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L5N 6J7

Geo Exchange BC
PO Box 72026, Old Orchard P.O.
Burnaby, BC
V5H 4P9

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